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Build your own experience
Why not build your own stay? Some of you could go surfing while the others learn about veg growing or fine wine and come back to the house to discuss your day over a fabulous dinner. 
Food and drink
Iona has cooked for all sorts, from actors to actuaries and an awful lot in between! Nowadays she enjoys teaching you, your children or your colleagues to create their own culinary masterpieces. 
Family Stays
Have an amazing time. Whatever your spark why not book it before you arrive? There's nothing better than a sundown meal discussing what we'eve all be up to. Surfing, cooking, acting, walking, photography, sea swimming, vegetables, painting, the world's your oyster. That is what BYO is all about. 
Paul Jepson has worked as a leadership consultant and coach in the UK, the US, France and Central Asia. He specialises in bespoke programmes on delivery and writing and has worked closely with individual departments over long periods both in coaching and implementing frameworks for change. Clients include BNP Paribas, Barclays Capital, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Exane BNP Paribas, FinnCap and Visor Capital. Here at home he can write your speech, help you deliver one, prep you for an interview or just help with colleague motivation. Get in touch to hear more about this specialist service. Your bonus is dinner afterwards!
Paul Jepson has directed classics, contemporary classics and new plays at the National Theatre, major regional theatres, new writing theatres and the West End. He is an experienced dramaturg and published playwright. Although Paul's career keeps him pretty busy he enjoys running some one to one and small group sessions in acting, auditioning, improvisation and script techniques. Whether you have an audition coming up or just want a bit of fun, why not have a go?
Whether you are a novice or an expert we have people you should meet. We have a skill base that might be useful in your garden or the garden you wish to buy. If it's a veg patch you want or beautiful roses or soft fruit to die for or a realistic take on low maintenance landscaping we can show you the way. Paul wanted to know what the little pots in the bathroom were the first year we moved into Stokenham. Now he is accustomed to a mix of fresh chilli throughout the winter, he has no need to ask.  Roll up your sleeves!

Life skills
Paul and Iona have diverse CVs. They want to share something through Stokenham House. They know many extraordinary people from many disciplines who they have had the good fortune to work with. For them life skills is not a glib subject. There is no easy fix but we can book you for a therapy weekend or stay, a mixture of yoga and cooking that works for you and helps reach your end goal. It's amazing what having fun can achieve!
Out and about
We have several comfortable rooms from which to base your time. There is so much to see and do in the South Hams. We can recommend and organise all sorts of excursions and day trips.